What if the Star Wars fandom had a pathway to inject all of its creativity directly into the world itself?

We’re growing a community of passionate fans and creators and we’re building a world together.

People who care about sci-fi.
People who have ideas.
People who want to see something new.
THE FRINGE is an opportunity to be part of a movement creating something original.


Come hang out with a growing community of like-minded sci fi enthusiasts.

+ Participate in world-building discussions
+ Contribute in creative labs and contests
+ Get access to in-depth Fringe lore and characters
+ Frequent updates about the world-building and filmmaking process
+ Hangout with the team



You can become an official member of The Fringe by purchasing an in-world character called a Drifter. Drifters are digital tokens whose ownership is designated on the Ethereum blockchain.

Membership includes:
+ Exclusive ownership of the character with the ability to enter it into stories and the movie.
+ Voting power in creative and community decisions on Discord+ Additional Fringe collectables.
+ Being part of the club with inside access to the creation of this universe.

You can purchase a Drifter on OpenSea or other marketplaces and then verify your ownership in Discord.


Owning a drifter presently does require you to setup a crypto currency wallet. If crypto stuff doesn’t make sense to you, don’t hesitate to ask for help in Discord.


the possibilites are infinite. The community is already coloring outside the lines. What will you create?

IN_bread_astra viatorem_NS

In_desire_dr con beat_NS


IN_time machine_amgof

TW_IN_Meaning of Life_NS

TW_concern_Petra Wilson_NS

TW_IN_creator_quiet earth_NS

TW_IN_human made_blitz_NS


IN_desire_dr von bvat_NS

TW_IN_simulation_RY expending.eth_NS

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