We are the creators of the film PROSPECT.

We’ve done this before.

Our team includes writers, directors, producers, VFX artists, costume designers, prop makers...essentially everyone we need to take the art and lore and turn it into a film.


We made Prospect in an innovative way. To make our modest budget work with our vision for the world, we opened our own production design shop.
Many of our team had never worked on a film before, rather we were a collective of artists and engineers, collaborating to manifest an original and distinctive aesthetic through practical props, sets, and costumes.
This approach enriched the world of the film and saved millions of dollars.

Now, in addition to revolutionizing the production design process, we want to revolutionize the worldbuilding process. We want to invite all kinds of creators and sci-fi fans into the proverbial shop to jam and build with us, be it ideas, lore, or physical props, sets and costumes.
Hollywood has a lot of entrenched problems that we believe can be solved with web3 tech. You can read an in-depth explanation of how this project can disrupt the film industry HERE.


Based in Seattle, WA, Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell have been working together for over a decade. In addition to writing and directing PROSPECT, they helm the commercial production company SHEP Films and the TAKA Art Collective.
They have always been passionate about rendering rich worlds full of detail, history, and culture, and exploring them through the intimate perspective of their characterful inhabitants.


  1. ZEEK EARL | Film Director and Fringe Director
  2. CHRIS CALDWELL | Film Director and Lead Writer
  3. BRICE BUDKE | Business & Operations Lead
  4. LAURIE GREASLEY | Lead Artist
  5. SCOTT GLASSGOLD | Film Producer
  6. SWIFTY.ETH | Dev
  7. MATT ACOSTA | Art Director
  9. AIDAN VITTI | Costume Designer

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