What if the Star Wars fandom had a pathway to inject all of its creativity directly into the world itself?

We’re growing a community of passionate fans and creators and we’re building  a world together.

People who care about sci-fi.
People who have ideas.
People who want to see something new.
THE FRINGE is an opportunity to be part of a movement that creates something original.
Set in the lawless frontiers of space, The Fringe was created by filmmakers and artists looking to launch the next big sci-fi franchise.

We’re making a movie.
We’re writing stories.
We’re designing spacesuits, ships, gear, and creatures.
We’re exploring games, comics, and collectibles.

Join us.
Mint a Drifter,
come out into The Fringe,
and let’s make shit together.

IN_bread_astra viatorem_NS

In_desire_dr con beat_NS


IN_time machine_amgof

TW_IN_Meaning of Life_NS

TW_concern_Petra Wilson_NS

TW_IN_creator_quiet earth_NS

TW_IN_human made_blitz_NS


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