A giant creature breaches from deep beneath the surface, drawing Drifters from all over the Scablands to harvest, hawk, imbibe, and quarrel.

An oral history of this chaotic event was compiled from the scattered tales of the Fringe Drifter community and their stories were captured in this original artwork by Laurie Greasley.

User “SIRESEAN” wrote a story of how his Drifter may have spurred on the violence by trolling everyone’s coms using his Shriek Antenna. You can read their story here.

This artwork has been cut up into 4 NFT pieces. Holders have been airdropped one random slice for each Drifter they hold.

If a holder has all four pieces they can assemble a full NFT.

See your pieces and assemble your full NFT here.

View the Lykenrot collection on Opensea.

These are the drifters showcased in the piece:

IN_bread_astra viatorem_NS

In_desire_dr con beat_NS


IN_time machine_amgof

TW_IN_Meaning of Life_NS

TW_concern_Petra Wilson_NS

TW_IN_creator_quiet earth_NS

TW_IN_human made_blitz_NS


IN_desire_dr von bvat_NS

TW_IN_simulation_RY expending.eth_NS

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